Kat DaVille | Musician, Blogger, Consultant | Central NJ | Work With Kat
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Work With Kat

Let’s Create Together

Kat loves performing just as much as the next musician.  As a young player starting out, playing music helped put food on the table for her growing family.  So, she understands the value of time and prides herself in promoting efficiency and productivity, in and out of the studio.  She’s the consummate team player and asset to your team!
Session Work

In the studio, time is money.  Kat understands this concept completely.  Always striving to improve her playing in the studio, she ensures the drums on your album are finished with time to spare.


Kat enjoys sharing her knowledge and adventures with other musicians eager to up their game.  Focusing on technique, skill improvement and interpersonal communication within your own group, Kat makes each engagement efficient and entertaining

Live Performance

Kat recognizes the importance of maintaining your reputation.  During a live musical performance, she ensures her playing simulates the original recording. Her positive mental attitude also provides a hopeful atmosphere and instills confidence among the group.

Top Skills

  • Consulting

    • In Studio or Conference Room
    • Team Members Available to Refine Group Issues
    • Assess Start Up to Established Musicians
    • $150 an hour

Best choice
  • Recording & Session Performance

    • Metronome accuracy guaranteed
    • Efficiency standards met
    • Personal kit available
    • $100 per song

  • Performance Subbing

    • 24 hour notice
    • 9 song limit
    • Requires songs in mp3 format or equivalent


    $50 per song

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