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8 Tips to Kick Your Performance Game Up a Notch

What time is it??? GAME TIME!!   You may be a fantastic and well-rounded musician, but let's face it: you're also an athlete.   String players put their upper body through the ringer.  Drummers and percussionists of all kinds go through a full body work out.  Brass and woodwind players rely heavily on breathing techniques and aerobic skills to create their notes.  Vocalists of all kinds depend entirely on their body to produce the highest quality sound possible.   I know what you're thinking: unless you like mega marathons or body building on top of performing, chances are you disagree with me wholeheartedly.   Let's take Blondie drummer (and my spirit animal), Clem Burke.  This Bayonne, NJ native contributed his rhythmic talents to a joint groundbreaking study with the University of Gloucestershire and Chichester University in the UK....

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